Hi, I’m Kara. Welcome to my humble little blog! I hope you’ll pour a cup of coffee and stay a while.

I’m blogging because I am a sharer. I love people. I love stories and telling them. I have a heart to connect and to create.


Yes, I’m a creative type. I love pretty things and making them. I love music, photography, doodling, journaling and scrapbooking. I hope to dabble in more and try new ways to express creatively.


I’m a runner of sorts. I’m gonna keep moving forward, literally and metaphorically, one foot in front of the other.

I’m a mama to two precious young men and wife to their amazing Daddy.


I spend most of my weekdays homeschooling and most of my weekends napping. In between I sprinkle adventure, fun, and lots and lots of together time with the ones who make my heart feel full.  Oh. And coffee. There is always coffee.


I love Jesus. So much. But, I want to love Him even more.


I believe in finding beauty in all the moments. I believe in being intentional about all the moments. I truly believe that the moments all matter.
That all the moments add up to the sum of my life.


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