Think on these things…

There is so much beauty. All around.

What you see depends mainly on what you look for.

Monday, mid morning, I found myself feeling scatterbrained, irritable, emotional… and far from where I’d planned to be. So, I took a time out. I took a deep breath. And a certain scripture came to mind.

Whatever is true.






If there is any virtue,

anything worthy of praise,

think on these things.

Phillipians 4:8

Okay, sure… I couldn’t remember it word for word. Didn’t remember the chapter or the verse, but I did remember that it was in Phillippians.

And I did know what it meant for me this Monday morning, in my silly state, tears rolling down my cheeks, wondering why on earth I couldn’t just get a grip.

It meant that as I would think in my heart, so I would be. (Proverbs something or other.)

It meant that my perspective would be my reality.

And so… I chose to begin again. And this time, I would open my eyes to the beauty all around me. I would take it in. Take note of each beautiful thing… Each wonderfully, imperfectly beautiful thing. And then, take a moment to appreciate it. To be grateful. And to truly, with my whole heart, give thanks to the One who gives every good gift.

The grumpy undertone of the day shifted. And though a part of me still felt a bit unsettled and not completely myself for much of the day, I didn’t feel consumed or overwhelmed with the feelings.

Monday ended, but I continued to meditate on that verse.

My, how this scripture did reset my mind for the week. So thankful for that!

And these are a few of the true, honest, just, pure, lovely and kind things I would think on…

kisses in the kitchen.

“I love your face… {SMOOCH} I really do”, says my husband. And I might have blushed a little.

a woodpecker in the blossoming tree outside my kitchen window… and the sweet moments that Micah and I watched him together.

a book of poetry, a cup of coffee, warm sunshine after the springtime rain.

a happy moment, a proud smile, the way Julian beams from the inside out… and I can actually see his joy.

listening because it matters… because if I love you, then what you are saying is important to me.

new songs, and learning them, conversations about music.

wonder, delight. contentment and rest.

togetherness, closeness and being present right where we are.

bedtime and scratching backs, warm blankets, a quiet house… only the sound of the rain, which I love sleeping to.

stillness… a safe place to close my eyes and then open them again… mercies new and forever unending. His grace that is enough.

And I will think on these things. I will look for, and see, the beauty. The goodness. Yes…

It’s very good to think on these things.


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