Right Now | February


I had peach cobbler for dinner. I must confess.

It was last night. And it was delicious. Served on a sizzling cast iron skillet, served by a waiter, served to me. For dinner.

The boys sat across from me, chowing down on french fries and mac and cheese. Erik sat by my side, enjoying his cheeseburger.

It was a Wednesday night. And I may feel just slightly guilty about this mid week indulgence. Hence my need to confess. Slightly guilty, yes. But not regretful. It was that good.

Only just a few days before this, I had been telling Erik that on those evenings when I don’t feel well enough to cook, he should stop offering to take us out to dinner, stop spending unnecessarily when all he had to do was get in the kitchen and make whatever dinner I had planned for that night. And I said it nicely, okay? I’m a pretty nice wife. (Most of the time.) But, it needed to be said. My sweet husband loves to take a load off of me by feeding me meals that I didn’t have to cook — which I so appreciate — BUT. When I’m feeling unwell every evening for a week or more? That sweet husband’s gonna have to show his love and support in other ways.

SO. On this Wednesday evening,  I was feeling totally spent, I was struggling to processing thoughts and getting them out oh so slowly, weak in the limbs and nauseous and… well. You get the picture. And my dear Erik offered to make dinner.

But, guess what guys. I wanted dinner out. Even after all that talk and even though the wiser version of me would have said, ‘eat in, y’all. it’s the way to go.’ Even though, I wanted dinner out. So that’s what I got. 😉

And not just any dinner, oh no. I had warm PEACH COBBLER with vanilla ICE CREAM from our favorite family eatery. And let me tell you — the more I type this, the more vivid the memory of this dish comes to my mind and the less guilty I feel. Ha!

Oh… I did not mean for this entire Right Now post to be about my (delectable) dessert for dinner. Whoops!

Well, in other news…

i am loving: days at home. the days when there is no commitment to fulfill, no schedule to keep. so peaceful.

i am challenged by: my feeling unwell this last week. it’s can be frustrating when i am unable to fully function. but, i am thankful for love and encouragement. for peace and joy which i always have the choice to keep with  me, in me.

i am looking forward to: playing with the worship team at New Heights this weekend. every time we come away wishing it was what we spent every weekend doing. so thankful that erik and i get to do this together.

i am listening to: Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. i wasn’t a huge fan before, but loved Ellie Holcomb’s (Drew’s wife) solo stuff. this week, though, i got a listen of their new album, Medicine. and it’s pretty much been on repeat since. really really enjoying it.

i am thankful for: friendships. opportunity. growth. perspective and that we can choose ours.


2 thoughts on “Right Now | February

  1. Peach cobbler w/ vanilla ice cream sounds delish! I kept telling myself I need to order dessert instead of food the next time we go out to eat but always forget to and of course I’m always to full after! A little indulgence once in a while doesn’t hurt! Glad you enjoyed it!
    Happy February!

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